French Bulldogs ~
Meet OUR Smushy-Faced
Frenchie Friends plus
"Frenchton" Babies!
These are the sweetest, calmest,
most endearing dogs imaginable!
Their expressive faces say it all...
This is French Bulldog  girl "Jello" (because she
goes all soft and limp when you pick her up),
The couch is the playground one minute, the
resting place the next..
To the right is a particularly irresistable
Frenchie baby, "Treasure", (her name
is self- explanatory!). Her 17lb. show
dog dad Spanky. owned by Dawn
Ferdinand of Idaho, is  pictured
winning at a  show, right.  
This gorgeous puppy is our dear
girl, "Shiner" (as in one black
eye!). She has the most beautiful
smushy face and head, and loves
"Cupcake", our very dear, almost solid white
and brindle pied girl, is momma to the new
litter. Pictures coming soon. Taking deposits
on them, pictures coming soon!
"Crouton" AKC Boston