Temperament is Tops!

Each of our boys has a distinct personality,
possessing complementary characteristics
and strengths that produce better lifelong
companionship in their pups.

These handsome fellows have been
selected for our breeding goals of
sound temperament, good health,
short nose, stand up ears, natural
screw tail, and solid structure,  to
name a few.  Color is NOT our
highest priority. It has taken years of
searching to find each of these
studs, passing up many that would
not further our specific goals

Cataract Testing

Bostons are one of many breeds
that can develop Hereditary
Cataracts (JHC). We spend the
money on genetic testing to
ensure your pup will not go blind
from JHC.
Crouton (cream carrying fawn)
, (carries all but cream) and
Oreo (white and black splash
carrying red), have been DNA
tested negative for cataracts. They
will never produce a genetic     

Our "COLORFUL" Chocolate, Cream and Black Splash
Boston Boys
"Bosco", Handsome chocolate brindle
"Crouton" top quality cream
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