Our Frenchie "Cupcake" has Babies!


Our gorgeous CREAM  
boy "Crouton", one of the
finest cream studs
around, has been   
genetically cleared of
hereditary cataracts, so
will never produce
Pictured below.
Carries fawn.
Our Guarantee
Life-threatening Congenital/Genetic Defect
[Puppies priced $600-$1000*]

We do all that we can to breed and raise healthy, well socialized puppies. Raising trouble-free, healthy  
happy puppies is of paramount importance to us.
Creation and maintenance of living beings cannot be controlled like manufactured products or
inanimate objects. Despite our best efforts and intentions, illness or defect can appear unexpectedly.
Stress, especially when changing homes, quality of diet, routine "combo" and rabies vaccines,  (known
to contribute to autoimmune diseases) and exposure to environmental toxins such as carpet
formaldehyde, certain insecticides etc.,  all can cause or contribute to the development of an illness.  
In case of known, proven, hereditary/ congenital
life-threatening defect, we guarantee with
replacement puppy only,
no refunds  (unless otherwise stated on sales contract) within 1 year  from
sale date.  Veterinary proof in writing from results of definitive, unambiguous examination or testing, is
required if such defect(s) found. Seller must be notified within 24 hrs of definitive diagnosis of
problem for this guarantee to be honored. Notification
beyond this 24 hr time limit, voids the
 Seller's veterinarian to review findings, be able to speak directly with the attending
veterinarian and come to same conclusion, (phone # and address of veterinarian to be provided by
buyer, within the 24hrs.). All Veterinary expenses are absolutely the buyers responsibility.  
No vet bills
will be paid by seller under any circumstances.
 There is rational and fair reasons for this, it is not an
attempt to avoid responsibility. Defective pup must be returned to seller at buyer's expense with
registration papers prior to replacement unless other arrangements are made by signed agreement of
BOTH parties.
Guarantee against infectious disease is for 3 days only, since many illnesses have short incubation
period and we are not responsible for illness picked up after pup leaves our premises. Note:  Parvo
vaccine is never 100% protection, and puppy is highly vulnerable until last "puppyshot" at 4 months!  If
puppy dies from defect or disease covered by this guarantee, necropsy results or definitive testing
must be provided
within specified time frame.
Replacement puppy of comparable value will be given as soon as possible. Since seller has puppies
only occasionally, there may be a waiting period. Prices below $600 have a 72 hr warranty against
defect or illness (puppy should be examined by your vet promptly for your protection).  
Tracheobronchitis and parasites are not covered, as not unless life-threatening.  Prices above $1000  
may come with extended guarantee. There are no other implied warranties other than those stated.

At any time  this dog may be returned to seller without remuneration (money) or replacement if buyer is
unable to keep or care for it
. Never take your dog to the pound, Seller will either take the dog back or
will assist
in finding a new home.
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Puppies:Training & Health Hazards
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Puppies available occasionally from
planned breeding. Sold to be
neutered/spayed pets.   
Sorry, shipping is no longer  
available due to USDA new policy.
Let's discuss meeting partway, or we'd
love to have you come pick your baby!
Our Frenchie, sweet "Cupcake", has new babies!
......past and present
Why should you choose     a
"Colorful Bostons" Puppy?
Because TEMPERAMENT is our first
Puppies' parents are selected
affection, trainability and absence
of  aggressive behaviors. Our lifetime
experience with dog behavior gives us
the edge....and you the better pet!  
Your new puppy will have been
to avoid bad habits
(excess barking,
peeing on carpet, chewing fingers too
hard etc) and help puppy raising be a
joy, not an undue stress for your family.
We work hard so you wont have to!  
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