Read "Training" and "Housetraining" First!

  • Be the leader,

  • Get dog's attention

  • Be consistent

  • Be fair

  • Be patient-Never lose your temper

  • Communicate

  • Tune in to your dog, (do you make assumptions? Avoid attributing
    human motives such as "he is getting back at me, he is defiant or
    willful" verify whenever possible!)

  • Don't order what you won't/can't enforce

  • Don't "ask" do "tell". Better results!

  • Mean what you say::

Follow through!
Don't be a "pushover"

  • Perfect your timing:
Reward / Reinforce / Praise
Correct / Distract

  • Make dog work for treats, no "free" treats

  • Reward intermittently

  • Ideally, treats are unanticipated rewards

  • If you use corrections, reprimands, especially if you
use punishment, best done
when you KNOW from past experience
dog KNOWS what is expected!
  • dog may not do what you ask due to not taking taking you
  • This is due to inconsistency, or a greater incentive to do
    something else.

  • Avoid sharing your food with your dog (gives wrong message..that
    you are pack equals)

  • Never reward "begging" (gives wrong is controlling

  • NOTE:  Be CERTAIN your dog isn't reluctant to do what you
want due to fear or anxiety! If you correct when dog is afraid
or anxious you will undo anything the lesson was aiming
to accomplish and may
harm the dog's temperament.

  • Use same words/tone with each command

  • Each dog is unique, so there are exceptions to rules

  • Stop doing what isn't working!!

  • Don't overindulge dog's every wish,  thinking you are being a
    good parent, courteous, loving, or thoughtful to step out of the way
    of your dog, do what it pleases or give whatever it wants,  (gives
    wrong message, that the dog is the leader and you are there to
    serve, makes dog insecure). Exception would be a very submissive
    timid dog that you are trying to encourage and bring out of its shell.  

  • Afraid your dog won't love you if you insist on good behavior?
    Opposite is true! You'll be respected, loved more!

  • In Wolf or dog pack, subordinate members have great affection for
    the alpha leader. Your dog will love you more because you are
    providing structure and security!

  • Remember: you give your dog security, comfort and safety
    when you are the leader!
Housebreaking Highlights

  • When pup is in a "No
    Potty" area, (couch,
    floor, car etc) be
    vigilant to the

  • Do not let pup out of
    sight for an instant! Be
    ready to "pounce" if pup

  • Keep pup restrained
    or confined in a
    designated "potty OK"
    area (papers all over
    floor or outside) unless
    under 100%
    surveillance with your
    100% attention!

  • Be consistent

  • Use same
    words/tone, same
    potty area(s): One
    indoors for young pup,
    and one outdoors

  • Honor the puppy's
    physical needs..every
    30 minutes to an hour
    may urinate without

  • Will potty instantly
    after eating or

  • Little bladder control
    till 3 or 4 months

  • Crate train pup so pup
    can be put in smallest
    comfortable crate for
    short periods 1-2 hrs.
    With a chewie daily.

  • Crate pup overnight
    starting at 4 or 5
    months, but only if pup
    does not soil crate.
    Crate must be only
    slightly bigger than pup!

  • Housetrained dog
    can  have bigger crate

  • Never punish a
    young pup!

  • Their "mistake" is
    really your mistake!

  • At first, say the potty
    word and reward after
    going. Never make your
    dog anxious of "going"
    in your presence!

  • Prevent mistakes!

  • Don't "free feed"

  • Feed on schedule to
    regulate potty habits

  • No  food/little or no
    water after 4 pm.

  • Potty training is all  
    about your pup, not
    about you. Tune in and
    recognizing its physical
    cues and needs,
    condition pup to "Potty
    area" smells and feel of
    surface underfoot to
    stimulate the potty reflex.
    Leave some soiled area
    to stimulate potty urge.
    in an untrained pup.
Training Points
Read "Housetraining"and "Training" First!!

    Out-of-control behavior does not equal happiness!