Mission Statement  & Background___

  • Our Aim:
  • To select and raise your "Colorful Boston" baby with
    the goal of making your new puppy experience the
    best and easiest it can be through proper socializing,
    skilled care and heredity.
  • To create and match you with your ideal life
  • To be a resource for you and your puppy.
  • To breed Bostons with exemplary  beauty, health,
    soundness and structure.
  • To make a positive contribution in the world and to
    each individual.
  • To come from the heart in relationship with people
    and animals.
  • To think of the consequences of every action.....
  • And whether it will reflect the above stated intent.

  • Dog Resume:  
  • Over 55  years of multi-faceted dog experience.  
  • Published columns and articles for various dog
    magazines including regular AKC Gazette columnist.
  • Judged numerous All-Breed matches and various
    breed Specialty matches  (by invitation, none
  • Served as a breed club historian.
  • Breeder of many Champions, top producers and
    Group winner in several breeds
  • Veterinary technician.
  • Numerous dog related inventions (seek backing).
  • Instrumental in revising a breed standard.
  • Significantly contributed toward AKC recognition of a
    rare breed.
  • Helped create breed standard guideline pamphlet.
  • Gave Seminars, critiques and workshops to AKC
    judges as an expert on certain breeds (by AKC
  • Personal dog trainer. behavior consultant
  • Instructed dog care class at San Francisco State U.
  • Managed one of the top show kennels in the world.
  • Lovingly devoted to my dog (and human) family.
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What's Special About Us?....EXPERIENCE!
And Much More.
Chocolate, aka red
Honey gold, a variation
of cream that can be
mistaken as fawn.
Cream gets darker with
age, what is barely visible
as tuxedo markings now,
will be tan and clearly
visible as adult. Nose
pigment darkens too.